About Us

Buying or refinancing a home is a very exciting and sometimes complex process. Unless you have all the informa-tion at hand, the loan process is likely tot be more time-consuming and costly than it should be. That’s where my experience comes in. I’m focused on doing everything I can to save you time and money while making the home buying or refinancing experience less stressful and more enjoyable. Over 10 years in the industry has taught me that finding the best possible loan for a client is helping to building a better financial future for you. I am here to educate and help you through every step of the process. I send out emails updating you and letting you know where we are at in the process every couple of days. This way there are fewer surprises and you know where we are at in the process at all times. I always make sure that my clients have a HUD (rundown of funds) in hand 24 hours before they go to their closing; this is so they can look over everything before they go to escrow to sign there are no surprised in the end. All these little things make the process easy, with no surprises in the end so when we are finished you know were part of the decision making and you have made the best possible educated decision for your and you financial future.